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  • Education panel: A problem of violence?

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    Helping members get the results they demand and deserve

    “I believe that the most important thing that I can do as President of Local 237 is to focus on the issues that trouble our members and work to get them the results they deserve. I also think that keeping our members informed on matters that can jeopardize their rights and well-being is critical to helping members make wise choices to protect themselves and their families,” said Gregory Floyd, President of Teamsters Local 237.


    School Safety Agents Victims of Ticket Blitz. Floyd Gets Action.

    For decades, School Safety Agents at Curtis High School on Staten Island were allowed to park on the street in areas designated “no standing school days” using NYPD issued placards. That tradition recently ended when 8 Agents received $115 parking tickets. Teachers have been allowed to park in the school lot and on the sidewalk. With the Mayor issuing 50,000 new parking permits for teachers and principals without identifying new parking spots, the Agents felt they were targeted. Local 237 President Gregory Floyd alerted CBSTV reporter Marcia Kramer to the double standard and she spoke on camera to an Agent–whose identity was concealed. The parking tickets were ultimately rescinded. To view the entire interview go to:

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  • Help for Puerto Rico

    Help for Puerto RicoThe city has released a list of firehouses and EMS stations across the five boroughs where New Yorkers can donate critically-needed items to those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. At this time, only the following supplies are being collected:

    At this time, only the following supplies are being collected:
    Baby Food
    First Aid Supplies
    Feminine Hygiene Products

    Engine 91/Ladder 11: 242 East 111th Street, NY, NY 11220 (East Harlem)
    Engine 95/Ladder 36: 29 Vermilyea Avenue, NY, NY 10033 (Inwood)
    Engine 28/Ladder 11: 222 East 2nd Street, NY, NY 10009

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  • Entregamos

    Ayudando a los miembros a obtener los resultados que exigen y merecen


    “Creo que lo más importante que puedo hacer como Presidente del Local 237 es centrarme en los problemas que molestan a nuestros miembros y trabajar para obtener los resultados que merecen. También creo que mantener a nuestros miembros informados sobre asuntos que pueden poner en peligro sus derechos y bienestar es fundamental para ayudar a los miembros a tomar decisiones acertadas para protegerse a sí mismos y a sus familias,” dijo Gregory Floyd, Presidente de Teamsters Local 237.


    Agentes de Seguridad Escolar Víctimas de Multas. Floyd Obtiene Acción.

    Durante décadas, agentes de seguridad escolar en Curtis High School en Staten Island se les permitió parquearse en la calle en áreas designadas “no días escolares permanentes” usando letreros emitidos por el DPNY. Esta tradición terminó recientemente cuando 8 Agentes recibieron $ 115 en multas de estacionamiento. A los maestros se les ha permitido estacionar en el parqueo escolar y en la acera. Con el Alcalde emitiendo 50,000 nuevos permisos de estacionamiento para maestros y directores sin identificar nuevos lugares de estacionamiento, los Agentes sintieron que fueron un blanco. El presidente del Local 237, Gregory Floyd, alertó a la reportera de CBS-TV Marcia Kramer al doble estándar y ella habló en cámara con un Agente cuya identidad estaba oculta. Las multas de estacionamiento fueron finalmente rescindidas. Para ver la entrevista completa diríjase a:

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President's Awards

  • Charles Taylor

    Charles Taylor

    Custodian Worker 1
    Town of Brentwood
    Long Island Division

    Mr. Taylor has been a member of Local 237 for three years. Prior to working for the Brentwood School District, he owned a fence company and plowed snow for the Town of Brentwood as a contractor. He appreciates union job security and benefits that allow him to take care of his family. 

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Retiree Stories

  • Rudy Petruzzi

    Rudy Petruzzi

    Rudolph (Rudy) Petruzzi, a supervisor of bridges when he retired in 1986, helped organize his co-workers into Local 237 in the 1960s and participated in the 1971 bridge strike that shut down the city for two days—although he didn’t fully agree with it. Following are excerpts of an interview for the Local 237 Oral History Project conducted in February 2003 in Hollywood, Florida. His wife, Sally, was also present.

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June 2017 Open House

vote no

From the President

On November 7th Vote NO to a Constitutional Convention

altAlthough the New York State Constitution is 50,000 words, only about 50 words of it are crucial to union members, especially public employees. In Article V, Section 7, it reads:

“Membership in any (public) pension or retirement system…shall be a contractual relationship, the benefits of which shall not be diminished or impaired.”

Also, Article XVI, Section 5, states:

“All salaries, wages and other compensation, except pensions, paid to officers and employees of the state and its subdivision shall be subject to taxation.”

For union members, it is vital that those words be preserved. They guarantee worker safeguards for us and our families that are now in jeopardy.

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