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A New Day Dawns for NYCHA


President Gregory Floyd leads the second Summit meeting of union leaders representing NYCHA workers and members of the New York City Congressional Delegation.

The recovery of the New York City Housing Authority to its full potential is underway. Since Mayor de Blasio took office, a new NYCHA leader was named; the agency received much needed debt relief; and City Comptroller Scott Stringer launched an audit of the agency’s financial and operating practices to begin the rebuilding process.

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NOW Calls for SSA Equal Pay

In a letter to Mayor de Blasio, Sonia Ossorio, president of the National Organization for Women, followed up on his stated commitment to pay equity for women by providing specific recommendations to help him address inequality.

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Un Nuevo Amanecer Para NYCHA


El President Gregory Floyd habla con reporteros mientras que el Congresista Gregory Meeks, a su izquierda, y el secretario-tesorero del Local 237, Ruben Torres, a su lejana derecha, observan.

La Autoridad de Viviendas de la Ciudad de Nueva York está viendo el recobro de su pleno potencial. Desde que el Alcalde De Blasio asumió el poder, nombró un nuevo líder; la agencia recibió ayuda muy necesaria en resolver sus deudas; y el Contralor Scott Stringer lanzó un audito del estado financiero y de las prácticas operacionales para comenzar el proceso de reconstrucción de la agencia.

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President's Awards

  • Claire Frances Freire

    Clare Freire

    Associate School Food Service Manager
    District 10/Bronx
    Department of Education

    A daughter of civil servants, Claire Freire began her career in School Food Services in 1979 while she was in college. Security and commitment to service are the words she uses to describe what union membership means to her.

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Oral History Project

Rudy Petruzzi

Rudy Petruzzi

Rudolph (Rudy) Petruzzi, a supervisor of bridges when he retired in 1986, helped organize his co-workers into Local 237 in the 1960s and participated in the 1971 bridge strike that shut down the city for two days—although he didn’t fully agree with it. Following are excerpts of an interview for the Local 237 Oral History Project conducted in February 2003 in Hollywood, Florida. His wife, Sally, was also present.

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Irish Heritage 2014


From the President

Let's Bring Affordable Rents Back Home

greg-floydHand-in-hand with the war on workers, affordable housing is under attack. When the Furman Center reported recently that 31 percent of New Yorkers pay 50 percent or more of their income in rent and utilities, it wasn't shocking. This confirmed a routine budgeting nightmare for many of us.

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