Teamsters Local 237

Union Reps

Teamsters Local 237 Executive Board

Gregory Floyd, President

Edmund Kane, Vice President

Ruben Torres, Secretary-Treasurer

Patricia Stryker, Recording Secretary

Jeanette Taveras, Trustee

Curtis Scott, Trustee

Ben Carenza, Trustee

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Citywide Division

The Citywide Division represents 11,000 members in over 160 different Civil Service titles. The members work in all Mayoral agencies, the Health and Hospital Corporation, the Board of Education and the Board of Higher Education.

Members seeking assistance from union representatives can call the Local's emergency 24-hour hotline any time, seven days a week, at (212) 924-2000.

The division holds semi-monthly meetings for members to communicate directly with Local 237 Board members and representatives. This enables our Union to address and engage any problem or issue that is of concern and importance to our members.

Citywide Titles

Citywide Division Staff and Areas of Representation

Donald Arnold

Director, Citywide Division

  • Skilled Trades;
  • Health and Safety Department;
  • Sea View HHC Special Officers.

Randy Klein

Deputy Director, Citywide Division

  • Horseshoers & Hostlers;
  • Maintenance workers all boroughs; maintenance control handlers; water use inspectors; pipe-laying inspectors; bridge titles; supervisor of traffic device maintainers; asbestos handlers; blasting inspectors; refrigeration mechanics; cement masons and mason helpers; bricklayers and supervisors; plasterers and supervisors; roofers and supervisors; elevator mechanics and supervisors and elevator helpers;
  • Senior photographers and photographers;
  • All professional titles: assistant directors, Bureau of Public Health Education; associate public information specialists, editorial assistants, information assistants, public health educators, public health education trainees, public relations assistant, senior intergroup relations officer, senior public health educators, and supervisors of traffic safety education;
  • All skilled trades grievances and disciplinary actions

Mal Patterson

Director of Grievances and Hearings

  • Dept. of Education - Associate food-service supervisor and school food-service managers

George Wade

Business Agent, Citywide Division

  • Custodians, store titles; Supervisor of Stock Workers (all agencies)
  • Health and Hospitals Corporation - institutional titles; and Department of Correction: senior cooks, cooks, food service administrators and supervisors, supervising housekeepers, senior housekeepers, housekeepers, laundry supervisors, assistant laundry supervisors, senior bakers, bakers, commissary managers, institutional garment workers, institutional seamstress, institutional tailors, senior meat cutters, meat cutters;
  • HHC technician titles: EEG, EKG, radiographer all levels, nuclear medicine all levels, ultrasound technician titles, X-ray technician titles;
  • Office of Chief Medical Examiner - Evidence and property control specialists (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens).

Dwayne Montgomery

Director of Integrity

Tyliah Williams

Citywide Secretary


Law Enforcement Division

Law Enforcement Titles

Law Enforcement Division Staff and Areas of Representation

Derek Jackson

Director, Law Enforcement Division

  • Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) - Officers;
  • City University of New York (CUNY) - Campus Peace Officers and Campus Security Assistants;
  • Dept. of Education (DOE) Educational Facilities Officers;
  • Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene  (DOHMH);
  • Dept. of Homeless Services (DHS) - Special Officers;
  • Human Resources Admin. (HRA) Special Officers;
  • Dept. of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) - Special Officers;
  • Health and Hospitals Corp. (HHC) - Hospital Police;
  • Human Resources Admin. (HRA) - Officers;
  • NYPD School Safety Division - School Safety Agents (SSA);
  • Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) - Inspectors;
  • Javits Center Public Safety Officers.

André Green

Assistant Director, Law Enforcement Division

  • Department of Health and Mental Hygiene - Police;
  • HHC Special Officers (Bellevue Hospital, Coler Memorial, Henry Carter Hospital, Gouverneur Hospital, Harlem Hospital and Metropolitan Hospital);
  • CUNY - Campus Peace Officers and Campus Security Assistants (Bronx Community College, Hostos Community College, Lehman College);
  • Office ofthe Chief Medical Examiner (OCME);
  • Javits Center Public Safety Officers.

Jeanette Taveras

Local 237 Trustee

  • CUNY - All Campus Peace Officers and Campus Security Assistants; 
  • NYC Dept. of Traffic -Parking Control Specialists (PCS) all boroughs;
  • DOE - Educational Facilities Officers (EFO), District Guards all boroughs;
  • NYPD School Safety Agents (SSA) -  Manhattan South, Manhattan North and Staten Island.

Charlie Cotto

Business Agent, Law Enforcement Division

  • District Attorney Offices - Special Officers (Bronx and Manhattan);
  • DHS, DCAS and Dept. of Finance - Special Officers;
  • NYPD School Safety Agents (SSA): Bronx East and Bronx West;
  • HHC Special Officers: Jacobi Hospital, Lincoln Hospital, North Central Hospital;
  • NYPD Evidence & Property Control Clerks (Bronx).

Derek Short

 Business Agent, Law Enforcement Division

  • NYPD School Safety Agents -  Brooklyn North, Brooklyn South;
  • HHC Special Officers - Coney Island, Kings County Hospital, and Woodhul Hospital);
  • DHS Special Officers - Brooklyn.

Frank Rella

 Business Agent, Law Enforcement Division

  • ACS, HRA, DJJ - Special Officers;
  • NYPD School Safety Agents (SSA) - Queens South and Queens North;
  • CUNY - Campus Peace Officers and Campus Security Assistants (La Guardia College, Queens College, Queens Borough College, York College);
  • Taxi and Limousine Commission - Supervisors only.

Randy Klein

Business Agent, Law Enforcement Division

  • Taxi & Limousine Inspectors (all ranks);
  • HHC Special Officers: Queens & Elmhurst;

Housing Division

The Housing Division represents 8,000 titles working for the New York City Housing Authority and the Skilled Trades titles.

Housing Titles

Housing Division Staff

Kevin Norman

Director, Housing Division

Curtis Scott


Housing Division Business Agents & Areas of Representation

Carl Giles

CarlGilesArea 1      
Bronx North

  • 1200 Waters Pl   
  • Baychester/Boston Secor   
  • Bronx River   
  • Castle Hill   
  • Eastchester   
  • Edenwald   
  • Ft. Independence   
  • Higbridge   
  • Marble Hill   
  • Monroe   
  • Parkside/Gun Hill   
  • Pelham   
  • Sackwern-Classon Pt.    
  • Sedgwick   
  • Sotomayor   
  • Soundview   
  • Throggs Neck   

Area 2                   
Bronx South

  • 1 Fordham Plaza    
  • Adams    
  • Betances    
  • Butler    
  • Claremont    
  • Forest/McKinley    
  • Melrose    
  • Millbrook    
  • Mitchell    
  • Morris    
  • Morrisania air Rights    
  • Mott Haven    
  • Murphy    
  • Patterson    
  • St. Mary's/Moore    
  • Twin Parks    
  • Union Ave Cons.    
  • Webster  

Ken Roper

Area 3                     ken roper
Manhattan North

  • Clinton    
  • Douglass    
  • Drew Hamilton    
  • Dyckman 
  • East River  
  • Fort Washington    
  • Frederick Samuels    
  • Grant    
  • Harlem River/Audubon   
  • Jackie Robinson    
  • Jefferson    
  • Johnson    
  • King Towers/Grampion    
  • Lehman Village    
  • Lincoln    
  • Manhattanville    
  • Polo Grounds    
  • Rangel    
  • St. Nicholas    
  • Taft    
  • Wagner    
  • Wilson/White/Metro
  • Javits   

Teresa Valentina

Area 4                     Teresa Valentina
Manhattan South

  • 250 Broadway
  • 90 Church
  • Amsterdam   
  • Baruch   
  • Campos/LES   
  • Carver   
  • Chelsea/Elliot   
  • Fulton   
  • Gompers   
  • Isaac/Holmes   
  • LaGuardia   
  • Riis   
  • Riis-TSD   
  • Rutgers   
  • Smith   
  • Straus   
  • Vladeck   
  • Wald   
  • Wash/Lex   
  • Wise Towers Cons.

Kenneth Franco

Area 5                            
Brooklyn South/Staten Island

  • Albany
  • Bay View
  • Boulevard
  • Breevort
  • Breukelen
  • Brownsville
  • Carey/Haber
  • Coney Island
  • Cypress
  • Glenwood
  • Hope Gardens
  • Langston Hughes
  • Linden
  • Marcus Garvey
  • Marlboro
  • Ocean Hill/Saratoga
  • O'Dwyer/Gravesend
  • Park Rock
  • Penn Wortman/Vandalia
  • Pink
  • Reid cons.
  • Sheepshead-Nostrand
  • Stuyvesant Gardens
  • Surfside
  • Unity/Fiorentino
  • Van Dyke

Vincent Lattimore

Area 6                             Vincent Lattimore
Brooklyn West

  • 787 Atlantic Ave.    
  • Borinquen    
  • Bushwick    
  • Cooper Park    
  • Farragut    
  • Gowanus    
  • Ingersoll    
  • Marcy    
  • Red Hook East    
  • Red Hook West    
  • Sumner    
  • Taylor Wythe/Ind.    
  • Tompkins/Berry St.  
  • Armstrong
  • Roosevelt
  • Howard
  • Whitman
  • Williams Plaza
  • Williamsburg
  • Woodson
  • Wyckoff
  • Tram Warehouse
  • Lafayette Gardens
  • Kingsborough
  • Seth Low/Glenmore
  • Tilden

Norberto Luna

Norberto Luna Area 7               

  • Astoria
  • Baisley/Int. Towers    
  • Beach 41st.   
  • Hammel/Carlton
  • Latimer/Bland
  • Ocean Bay
  • Pomonok
  • Queensbridge North
  • Queensbridge South
  • Ravenswood
  • Redfern
  • So. Jamaica
  • Woodside
  • Mariners Harbor
  • Richmond Terr./Cassidy
  • South Beach/New Lane
  • Stapleton
  • Todt Hill/Berry
  • West Brighton
  • QS-LHD
  • ESD
  • LIC

Housing and Citywide:  Grievances and Disciplinary Issues

Mal Patterson

Mat PattersonDirector of Grievances and Hearings

Represents Citywide titles at Step III and Internal Affairs Bureau for NYPD.

Debbie Coleman, Esq.

Grievance Coordinator

Represents all titles at disciplinary hearings, grievances and arbitrations

Todd Rubinstein, Esq.

Grievance Coordinator

Represents all titles at disciplinary hearings, grievances and arbitrations


Keenan Scott

Hearings and Grievances Agent, Law Enforcement Division

Civil Service Bar Association
The Civil Service Bar Association affiliated with Local 237 in 1973. It represents almost 1000 Local 237 attorney and law student members in both competitive and non-competitive class legal titles. Members work in almost all Mayoral agencies, the Housing Authority, and the Transit Authority. The members defend, enforce and adjudicate many of the laws that are essential to the well-being of the citizens of this city.
216 West 14th St.
7th Floor

(212) 675-0519

Association Staff

Saul Fishman, Esq.


Aldona Vaiciunas

Office Administrator/Grievance Coordinator

Abbott Gorin, Esq.

Business Agent/ Grievance Advocate

Long Island Division

The Long Island Division of Local 237 is located in Babylon, New York. The Division is responsible for over 3000 members who work in the towns of Babylon and Islip, Suffolk County, as well as various other school districts, villages and libraries. The Division handles at least 19 different contracts, and can be reached at (631) 851-9800.

100 West Main Street
Suite A
Babylon, New York 11702


Long Island Titles


Long Island Division Staff

Ben Carenza

Long Island Area Director Ben Carenza

Trisha Wade



Long Island Business Agents
If your title is not listed, please call 631-851-9800 for assistance

Andrew Viegas


Babylon Township employees viegas

Scott Dimpero

Brentwood School District

Catherine Rice

Suffolk County OTB titles

Ben Carenza

Brightwaters Village
Center Moriches School District
Half Hollow Hills B&G
Half Hollow Hills Food Service
Harbor Fields School District
Islip Housing Authority
Islip Lifeguards
Islip Resource Recovery
Lawrence School District
North Babylon B&G / Bus
North Babylon Nurses
Plainview Aides
Plainview B&G
Port Jefferson School District
Syosset Library


Union Liaisons
Greg Vaccaro
Half Hollow Hills
Marilyn Capone Lawrence Schools
John Hammer
Plainview Schools Building & Grounds

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