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Toward a Real Shining City?

Ruben Nieves, Paul D’amato, Anthony Rosario, Secretary-Treasurer Ruben Torres, and Carl Giles
AT THE RALLY – Left to right, Ruben Nieves, Paul D’amato, Anthony Rosario, Secretary-Treasurer Ruben Torres, and Carl Giles.

New York State Governor Mario Cuomo died in January, but at a laborpacked rally in August at the Javits Convention Center, his spirit — and his words — were very much alive.

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Free Legal Services

mary sheridanBy Mary Sheridan, Esq.
Director of Local 237 Legal Services Plan

How many Local 237 Citywide and Housing Division members and retirees are unaware of their free legal services benefit? More than I would have guessed. The vast majority of people in the United States must pay thousands of dollars to a private attorney when they need legal assistance. As members and retirees of the largest Teamsters local, you have a free attorney available to you for many of your day-to-day legal issues.

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¿Hacia Una Verdadera Ciudad Brillante?

biden fight fair pay
El Vicepresidente Joe Biden en el podio durante la manifestación “Lucha Para Un Sueldo Justo,” proyecto del Gobernador Cuomo.

El exgobernador del Estado de Nueva York, Mario Cuomo murió en enero de este año, pero en un reciente mitin lleno de trabajadores sindicales en el Javits Convention Center, su espíritu – y sus palabras, estaban muy vivos.

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Dec 2014/Jan 2015

Our Future Begins with a Solemn Oath

Hoffa + new board members
Hoffa, third from left, stands with newly sworn in board members. They are, from left, Edmund Kane, trustee; Ruben Torres, secretarytreasurer, President Gregory Floyd; Richard Hendershot, vice president, Jeanette Taveras and Curtis Scott, trustees; and Patricia Stryker, recording secretary.

Guests, including many elected officials, filled Local 237’s union hall on Jan. 17 for the Installation Ceremony that kicked off the next five-year term for President Gregory Floyd and six executive board members. James P. Hoffa, general president, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, officiated, and George Miranda, vice president at-large, IBT, and president, Joint Council 16, served as master of ceremonies. The Rev. Robert Royal of St. Paul Baptist Church delivered the invocation.


Floyd Testifies at Hearing on NYCHA Lighting

President Gregory Floyd is joined at City Council by David Jones, president and CEO of Community Service Society, center, and Victor Bach, senior housing policy analyst, CSS.

President Gregory Floyd testified at a City Council oversight hearing on the relationship between lighting and safety at New York City Housing Authority in the wake of the Akai Gurley shooting. The hearing was held on Dec. 16.


Atascada Primera Negociación con NYCHA

Miembros del comité de negociaciónes prestan atención.

Rompiendo con lo tradicional, Shola Olatoye, presidenta y ejecutiva principal de la Autoridad de Viviendas de la Ciudad de Nueva York, no asistió a la primera reunión de negociación que tuvo lugar Diciembre 10, 2014 en la sede del Local 237. También, la gerencia se abstuvo de presentar alguna propuesta. En su lugar, el Comisionado Laboral de la Ciudad, Bob Linn, solicitó al comité “apretar el botón de reajuste” en cuanto a relaciones obrero-patronales, y el Gerente General, George House dio un resumen de las malas condiciones económicas de NYCHA.


President's Awards

  • Thomas Coppola

    Thomas Coppola

    Shop Foreman
    Auto Mechanic Foreman
    Town of Babylon
    Long Island Division

    Mr. Coppola has been a member of Local 237 since 1984.   A longtime shop steward, he enjoys representing members and “keeping everything fair and being certain that the members get everything they deserve.” He believes that unions provide important protections to all Americans – both unionized and not. He appreciates the benefits that come with membership.  Mr. Coppola enjoys spending time with his wife and sons; he also enjoys working around the house, gardening and hot rods.

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Oral History Project

Victor Nappa, NYCHA Sup’t & Trainer

Victor Nappa

I went to work for the New York City Housing Authority in March 1968. A friend of mine was working with the Housing Authority and he told me about a provisional supervising housing grounds opening at Boulevard Houses. I was in the landscape business with my father and he was retiring, so I decided to apply for the position. I was told to go see the superintendent at the project.

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